Variety services available to students

With the new school year having started, Eastern New Mexico University is full of life once more.

But luckily, with all the trials and stresses that can come with adjusting to the college experience, ENMU campus offers a wide variety of resources that are of little to no cost to students to make their school year easier. From tutoring services to reporting a stolen bike to counseling services, ENMU has you covered.

A wide variety of tutoring services are also available to students, such as the Math Lab, the Writing Center and Student Support Services.

Student Support Services is unique in the way that it can help new, low-income or disabled students understand their financial aid situation a little better and offer money management and mentoring.

Eastern offers counseling services by licensed counselors to help students with phobias, depression, relationship problems, anger management, fear of failure and communication problems. These services are provided for free and completely confidential. All a student has to do to receive these services is make an appointment or call the 24/7 hotline to ask for some guidance.

Health and wellness services are also provided with little to no cost for students who have a student ID. The health services building is located in Curry Hall and provides most services that can be found at any family health care clinic, such as flu shots, blood tests, prescribing medications, family planning services, STI screening and treatment and contraceptives.

If students are ever in a situation where they feel unsafe or have been drinking alcoholic beverages, Safe Ride is a free transport service that the school provides to give students a ride home as long as it is within city limits.

ENMU Police Department is a certified law enforcement agency, providing all of the same services as the city police department. It is open 24/7 regardless of holidays, school breaks and other closures. Students can also file complaints at this office.

Information Technology Services can help students with any issues involving computers or the program for online classes called Blackboard.

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