Hispanic Affairs hosts month of events

Courtesy of Multicultural Affairs

Hispanic Heritage Month from mid-September to the mid-October is a time when traditions are honored at Eastern New Mexico University through a variety of events.

Hispanic Heritage Month is sponsored by ENMU’s Hispanic Affairs.

Culture is an important aspect of an individual’s life and helps to shape them. What is Hispanic culture? Culture is defined as the arts and manifestations of human achievement regarded collectively. Many people express their culture with music, food and traditions, and everyone has a culture.

New Mexico is rich with culture, especially Hispanic culture. Students attending the university are celebrating their culture in several different ways.

Hispanic Affairs office assistant Berenice Salazar said, “Family is very important, and you have to have a good family structure. Parents are very strict; they feel the need to be involved in every aspect of your life, but they do it out of love.”

"We have to throw a party for every occasion; we make excuses just to throw parties. We just love being together. We are very group oriented,” said Andrea Leon, Hispanic affairs office assistant.

“I feel like Hispanics have recently been shown negatively to the public, and it’s painted us in a dark room, but if you have any Hispanic friends, you would know that we are nothing like that. We are lively and love to eat and dance and congregate with everyone and through doing this, we are sharing our cultures,” said Annabel Jauregui, Multicultural Affairs graduate assistant.

The office of Hispanic Affairs has put together a calendar of events for Hispanic Heritage Month. The office invites everyone to their events to learn about Hispanic culture and celebrate with them.

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