Big Band Dance approaching

The ENMU Music Department is planning more than 30 events this fall semester.

“There are a number of guest artist recitals this semester that are very exciting,” said Dustin Seifert, chair of the Department of Music.

The first recitals were on Sept. 28 and Sept. 29 with guest artists Craig Morris (playing trumpet) and Rebecca Wilt (playing the piano). Craig Morris is the former principal trumpet of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Rebecca Wilts is an internationally named pianist.

Seifert referred to it as “quite the way to kick off the fall performances.”

The Big Band Dance is one of the Music Departments most exciting events this fall semester. The Big Band Dance is at 7 p.m. Oct. 4 in the CUB Ballroom. The event is open to the public and free with a recommended donation of $5 to help fund the Spring Jazz Festival.

“The Big Band Dance could be an awesome date night opportunity for couples. And we really hope people will attend to either dance or just listen to the music,” Seifert said.

Jennifer Saloman, the Music Department secretary, said the “Big Band Dance is a really interesting event. Some people show up dressed in the pin-up/flapper girl attire.”

The Music Department also has numerous student and faculty recitals planned this semester, such as student Lauren Hutchison’s junior recital on Oct. 27. The Pamela Shuler, clarinet, Faculty Recital is on Nov. 19t, and students Cutter Burnett and Devin Devargas have their junior recitals on Dec. 1.

The Music Department encourages students and the community to attend The Big Band Dance and have a good time dancing or listening to music.

There are also numerous cultural offerings for the campus and the community.

The Music Department tries to encourage as much audience attendance as they can to all their events.

“The popularity of various events plays a big role in the planning and programing of events for future semesters. We are interested in building our audiences, so we do attempt to make most of our events as audience friendly as possible” said Seifert.

For more information on Music Department events, contact the Music Department secretary Jennifer Saloman t 575-562-2377.

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