Annual Health fair approaching

Courtesy graphic: RGH

Note: This is the first in an educational series on health-related issues.

If your family has a history of high blood sugar or cholesterol or you feel something is ailing you, now may be the time to get it checked out, according to Roosevelt General Hospital officials.

The hospital will be hosting its 8thAnnual Health Fair 8 a.m.- noon on Oct. 13 with a variety of free and low-cost services available, along with educational materials on a variety of health issues.

“RGH is always looking for ways to educate the public to improve the health and well-being of our community,” said CEO Kaye Green. “At the health fair, we are offering health screenings and blood draws at low-cost or free of charge to reach the max amount of community members to help them live the healthiest life possible.”

The health fair, to be held in the RGH clinic area, will offer 300 free flu shots for adults and 50 for children, hearing and speech language screenings for children, height and weight checks and blood pressure checks, all for free.

The hospital will offer $50 blood panels through Oct. 10, which include a number of screenings, such as glucose, sodium, triglycerides, HDL cholesterol, protein, potassium, regular cholesterol, and more.

The following blood panels can be done for a small additional cost: $20 for a thyroid test for women, $20 for a prostate check for men, $15 for an A1C test (reflects blood glucose levels).

RGH Director of Marketing, Planning, and PR Jeanette Orrantia said the best part is that people getting blood panels can just walk in and don’t have to make appointments. She also said those who are getting blood draws can pick up their blood panel results at the health fair and have a consultation with a doctor right then and there.

Orrantia said people should be aware must fast for 24 hours before doing the A1C blood panel. She added that the hospital may be doing free blood panels again in the summer of 2019.

“The RGH health fair has grown significantly in the past years. We have plans to offer it two times a year (now),” she said. “The health fair in fall/winter will focus on health-related concerns, such as the flu and the distinction of an emergency and clinical visit. During the spring/summer health fair, we will focus on topics, such as hydration, sunburns and bike safety. At each fair, we intend to offer information and bring awareness to topics.”

As far as booths to bring awareness to topics, Orrantia said information will be provided to attendees regarding nutrition, medical power of attorney, wellness checks, the importance of colorectal exams and suicide, along with volunteer and employment opportunities at RGH.

“We know that across the nation, suicide rates are increasing so it’s important for RGH to help bring awareness to the subject. During the next 12 months, RGH plans to focus on suicide awareness. These days, teens and young adults are under enormous amounts of pressure and stress, which puts them at risk for depression, anxiety and even suicide,” said Orrantia.

If attendees fill out an entry form, they will have the opportunity to visit each station the day of the event, which places them into a drawing to win a free tablet.

“We know health care can be costly, and the health fair gives members of our community a chance to have free health screenings and low-cost blood draws that could bring attention to serious illnesses that may not otherwise be found.”

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