Locals love pumpkin spice a latte

Photo by Alisa Boswell-Gore

Joseph Ortega, an employee of Sweetwaters at Landalls, scoops out some pumpkin flavored ice cream for a customer.

As the seasons change from summer to fall, this can only mean one thing.

Pumpkin spice is back.

The returning of the famous flavor seems to have everyone going crazy for this craze. Eastern New Mexico University is no exception to this pumpkin craze.

The flavor is undoubtedly one of the most popular out there. People go wild as if they can’t live without it.

On Oct. 1, the Campus Union Building cafeteria served pumpkin spice pancakes to everyone for breakfast. But for many students, pumpkin spice isn’t a flavor they are a fan of eating for breakfast. For the ones who did enjoy the pancakes, it was something out of this world.

The CUB wasn’t the only place serving this flavor. All day Greyhound Café was serving up pumpkin spice lattes and Frappuccino’s. The café advertised a bogo sale on pumpkin spice drinks – a good deal for all of those pumpkin spice lovers.

Sean McLaughlin, a sophomore at ENMU said, “There is nothing I like more than pumpkin spice. It’s the starting point of the year when I know all of my favorite holidays are about to come.”

Other students are no exception to the pumpkin trend.

Lara Harkness, a sophomore, said, “ I love the smell of Pumpkin spice. It has this cinnamon, mixed with ginger smell that is relaxing to me. This time of year is the only time of year you can find candles and Scentsy (in that scent), since they don’t sell them year-round.”

“Oh my god; it’s so FANTASTIC,” said student Zach Bevins.

But ENMU isn’t the only place where you can get your pumpkin spice fix.

Many businesses in town are adding pumpkin spice back into their selection of flavors.

Do Drop In and Sweetwaters at Landalls are selling pumpkin spice products.

Landalls manager Peggy Goolsby said that they added pumpkin spice back to their menu around the time school started.

Landalls is selling a variety of items with pumpkin in the them, such as ice cream and pumpkin flavored muffins, and almost anything they sell can have pumpkin flavoring added to it.

“Pumpkin is very popular here, and we will be selling pumpkin all the way till Christmas,” said Goolsby.

Do Drop In just recently started selling pumpkin flavoring.

“The pumpkin is just now starting to pick up. We are selling more and more of it each day,” said Do Drop In co-owner Ian Mountjoy.

They are selling lattes, pumpkin spice chai (which has been the more popular drink) and pumpkin chai pies.

“I love the pumpkin flavor. I wait all year just for this. I wish it was something that places sold throughout the entire year,” said Lisa Lopez, a resident of Portales.

Pumpkin spice may not be for everyone, but to those who enjoy it, they say, go out and get your pumpkin spice on!

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