Seven tips to deal with mid-term stress

Midterms are fast approaching for the Fall semester here at Eastern New Mexico University. With some students struggling to find the time to study or even worrying about if they will ace their exams, we here at The Chase have you covered. Here are seven study tips that will sure help you pass all your exams.

Tip 1: Get informed

Getting informed is the most important tip we have for you. You need to make sure you know what will be covered on your exam. You will need to know what chapters or topics could possibly be in your test. Asking your professors is the fastest and most reliable way to know this information. If you can’t reach your professor, the syllabus is the next best way to get informed on what’s being covered.

Tip 2: Make study aids

Making study aids on what will be covered will help you learn the information. Putting the term or question on one side and the answer on the other side of a flash card will help you memorize. In order to do this, you will need to gather all materials that you will need. Those can be your notes you have taken or the book you are using for the class.

Tip 3: Start early

It’s never too early to start studying. Don’t be a last minute crammer. You won’t be able to cram everything the night before. Taking advantage of the time now. You can study a few hours a day and be prepared the day of the exam.

Tip 4: Tutoring

If you happen to have missed a class day, you could have possibly missed some important information. Or if you don’t get something, ask for help. With the Golden Student Success Center now open, you can easily access the tutoring schedules that tutors post. There is a tutor for every subject. If you need help, the HUB will directly point you to the right place. You can also assemble a group of students from your class and meet at a time to help one another.

Tip 5: Cut off all distractions

When studying, it is important to focus on that. You need to take away everything that could possibly distract you. You need to have a clear head, because if not, you won’t get anything done. Turn off your phone and put yourself in a place that you won’t get distracted. It’s always good to study in a place that you don’t go to often. Don’t study in your room or at a friend’s. Go to the study rooms at the GSSC or a quiet corner and start studying!

Tip 6: Stay rested

It is important for you to stay rested. Make sure you are getting enough sleep at night, because you don’t want to be tired the day of your test. Staying rested can ensure that you will have a clear mind, and you will be ready to study. You can also stay rested by taking breaks in between studying. You don’t want to study for hours straight without getting a break, because you won’t learn anything. Get up and move around every few hours.

Tip 7: Practice

After you followed all these tips, go over everything. Make sure you know the material. Get a friend to help you study and let them quiz you. This allows you to practice what you have learned. It can also help with material that you may not know very well.

Felix Hernandez is a senior, majoring in communications with an emphasis in PR, who will be graduating in December. He loves helping others whenever they need help.

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