Alumni proud to call Eastern home

For Eastern New Mexico University homecoming, many alumni come to support and show pride in the university they once attended.

Over the years, the university has changed a lot. Every year, there is either a new building being constructed or newly renovated, but it’s still home to Greyhounds, new and old. The memories they make on campus always remain.

“What I look forward to when I come back is seeing my kids first. They both attend school here and then running into old friends and seeing the different changes with the university,” said alumni Karen McGill. “What has changed the most here is the Library. There is more technology in that building than what most universities dream of having. Something I will always cherish is taking pictures along the sideline during the games and being a photographer for The Chase.”

Many alumni have travel far and lived great lives, but when they sit back, ENMU is still home.

“I’ve had the opportunity to travel the world. Meet so many people, but there is no greater feeling then coming back to Eastern. The memories that I have here no one can take away. I love coming back and seeing all my friends,” said alumni Chris Snowberger.

Tyler Herring was a more recent graduate from ENMU, but he said he will never forget his time at the university.

“I love coming back and seeing everyone’s face, seeing the new faces and the old ones. I remember my time here, and there is no greater feeling then being able to talk with people who I’ve shared those with,” said Herring.

All of the alumni said being able to come back and see familiar faces is something special. They lose touch but being able to see familiar faces brings back all those connections.

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