ENMU students celebrate the university

Sprinkles of rain falling from the sky, the sound of fireworks being set off and the warm sensation of a fire.

Eastern New Mexico University’s celebration before the big homecoming game brought many students together at the annual pep rally/bonfire at the Greyhound Arena on Oct. 12.

The event started with the Greyhound Sound band welcoming everybody with music.

Following the band, guest speakers Coach Kelley Lee, the football team captains, Athletic Director Greg Waggoner and ENMU President Jeff Elwell.

“I called up Joseph Shepard, the university president of Western New Mexico University, and told him we were gonna whip the Mustangs in tomorrow’s homecoming game,” said Elwell. “I also want to encourage everyone to come out and fill the stadium tomorrow.”

The announcement of the 2018-19 homecoming king and queen was the most anticipated moment of the bonfire event that had many students on their toes.

Clay Enderez was named the 2018-19 ENMU homecoming king. “I’m so excited to be king! I was super nervous all day leading up to the event. I want to thank everybody for their support. I came out of my comfort zone while running for homecoming king. I talked to many organizations and many new people,” Enderez said.

Catalina Arana was named the 2018-19 ENMU homecoming queen.

“I want to thank God for giving me this opportunity. I also want to thank everybody that voted for me. I want to encourage everyone to participate in the competition, because it’s truly a great experience,” Arana said.

The pep rally/bonfire also featured music, free food and drinks and gave students the opportunity to socialize and meet new friends.

“The events I attended this homecoming were the choir concert, bonfire and the parade. The choir concert was my favorite event of homecoming, because it was very moving. I do wish there was more events during homecoming that didn’t conflict with my class schedule, but I still enjoyed the events I attended,” said ENMU sophomore Jasmine Baez.

“I’m in band, so I usually attend all events that feature the band in it. Usually around homecoming I go to the parade, bonfire and the football game. But my favorite event is the bonfire. I do wish that they had more student involvement in homecoming week, something to get students out more,” said ENMU junior Luis Roybal.

The pep rally/bonfire concluded with many students dancing and laughing with friends, while others just enjoyed the warm heat from the fire.

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