10 fun but safe Halloween pranks

With Halloween less than two weeks away, people will start to have fun pulling pranks on one another. Some pranks can get you in a lot of trouble. Here at The Chase, we have you covered with 10 fun but safe pranks.

Pranks 1: Spiders

With most people being scared of spiders, this prank will work with the results you are looking for. So what you need is to buy a few plastic spiders. You can get them at the Dollar Tree for a pack of 5 for $1. You will just need to lay them around and hear people jump up and down and scream.

Prank 2: Writing on Mirrors

If you live with roommates – which most of us do – whenever they are in the shower or just out, write creepy messages on their mirror. You get a cotton swab and dip the tip in alcohol and write something. Whenever steam hits the mirror, the message will appear.

Prank 3: Life like Dummy

This prank will work well if you live with roommates or with family. What you need is a pair of pants and a shirt and stuff it with more clothing, just something to fill it out. Once you are done, you can add some fake blood for more effect. When you know your roommate is coming home, set up the dummy and hide. When they come in, they will notice the dummy, and that’s when you pop out and scare them even more.

Prank4: Penny Wise Costume

Like spiders, many people are afraid of clowns. A few years back there was a craze where people would dress like clowns and stand on highways. That was a little extreme. Since we are at ENMU, you can dress up as a clown and run down the dorms halls scarring people on Halloween night.

Prank 5: Someone Up there

This would be a good prank for your roommate if you are living in the dorms. Since the ceiling isn’t solid, you can move the ceiling around. What you will need is a wig. Put the wig in the ceiling, just leaving enough hanging out. Once your roommate walks in, they will notice and freak out.

Prank 6: Head in a Jar

The head in the jar is another prank to pull on friends or your roommate. What you need is a jar and food coloring and a face photo of yourself. You fill the jar with water and put a few drop of red food coloring you place the photo in the jar. The water will magnify the image and appear as if your head is in a jar.

Prank 7: Creepy Doll

Who isn’t afraid of dolls? This prank will freak most out. On Halloween night, go around and place dolls in random places, and as people walk around, they will be sure to be freaked out.

Prank 8: Candy Onions

This prank is more of a payback prank. You need an onion and a kit to make candy apples. You will dip the onion as if you’re dipping apples. Set aside to cool down. Then give to your friends and roommates.

Prank 9: Pop Up Snake

This prank is a good one. You will need a plastic snake, which you can get at the Dollar Tree for a $1 and some tape. You tape the head of the snake to the toilet seat. When someone walks in and pulls the cover up, the snake will pop out.

Prank 10: Clown Window

Lastly, another clown prank. You don’t need to do much for this one. Get some prints of a clown face and cut it out, then on the outside of any window, tape the cut out. Have someone go and open the blinds or pull the curtains back, and they will see that face and react.

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