Pie Your Professor event takes place Friday

How fun would it be to see your professor pied in the face?

The Eastern New Mexico University Caduceus Health Society is giving students the opportunity to see just that.

The society is hosting the Pie Your Professor fundraising event at 4 p.m. Friday at the Dallan Sanders Patio area.

Anajita Rubio, president of Caduceus Health Society, said the top winner of the event will not be announced until the day of the event, so it is a surprise for everyone. Rubio said they’re hoping to have other nominees still show up and more volunteers to be pied.

So far, the top three voted participants are Professor Donald Elder, Professor Matthew Barlow, and Professor Kenwyn Cradock.

The professor with the most raised funds will be the one pied. Elder is in the lead against Barlow and Cradock.

The Caduceus Health Society is the pre-health club on campus. The club is for students that want to go to medical school, dental school, or any field that’s medical-related. The club has about 50-60 active members.

“We help do community service activities, resume building workshops, and the annual Allied Health Symposium,” said Rubio, adding that this semester, the club held canned food drives, coat drives, and helped with meals on wheels.

They are also planning a fall festival for the children’s home and many other community service events.

The Pie Your Professor event is to help raise funds for the annual Allied Health Symposium. The Allied Health Symposium is a banquet hosted by the Caduceus Health Society in which they bring in guest speakers who talk about various aspects of the medical field.

“We try to fund it all ourselves before we begin asking for help,” said Jaecy Banther, vice president of Caduceus Health Society.

Any remaining funds raised through the Pie Your Professor event will go towards funding other events for the society.

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