Candy: More than a guilty pleasure

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Nov. 4 was National Candy Day, and for Clovis residents Morgan Caron and Kent Wilson, their favorite candies aren’t just a guilty pleasure. They also inspire a feeling of nostalgia.

Observing a day for candy alone can be frivolous to some, but some people associate different candies to events or memories that have occurred in his or her lifetime.

“When I was young, my grandmother always had a bowl of Reese’s on her kitchen counter,” said Caron. “I would look forward to going over to my grandmother’s house and hearing her tell me stories of when she was a young girl. I remember her giving me a Reese’s and a kiss on the forward whenever I left her house. Now anytime I eat a Reese’s, I always think of her and the memories we shared.”

“My wife and I have been married for a few years now,” said Wilson. “Before we were married, my wife and I made an agreement to only give each other a small gift on our first dating anniversary. She surprised me with Trolli Gummy Worms, and ever since then, that’s the only candy I want. It just reminds me of her anytime I see a bag of that candy.”

Clovis resident Felicia Fischer said, “My favorite candy are cherry sours. Like good ol’ gas station cherry sours. My dad loves them, and he would always get us a bag to share for our road trips to see our grandparents. They are the best. Any kind, any flavor, they will always be my favorite.”

Clovis resident Zabrina Cantrell said, “Peach rings are my favorite. Literally because they remind me of my childhood spent at my grandma’s house.”

Clovis resident Sam Wheeler said, “I’d say one of my favorite candies is Mentos, because I’d get them every time at the movies when I went with my mother and brother when I was young.”

Here’s what local residents had to say on Facebook:

Robin Coffey:Reese’s, because why not? It’s peanut butter inside chocolate, and plus, they are fun to try and take all the chocolate off and just have a peanut butter patty.

David Stevens:Dark chocolate. Because Wendel Sloan said dark chocolate is good for you.

Katherine Null: Milky Way Bars. They send me to the stars!

Lakeisha Lobstein:Sour straws are always in my top five.

Jim Lucero: Reese’s peanut butter big cups and paydays!

Sharon Cole Brown: Chocolate covered peanuts! This is one of my mom’s favorites and she always had them around...very tasty!

Shelby Essary: Reese’s, sour patch watermelon.

Yvonne Baird:Snickers. Peanuts and caramel.

Malinda Montgomery: My favorites are Twizzlers and dark chocolate. Not together. Lol

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