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Photo by Felix Hernandez

Eastern New Mexico University’s Hispanic Affairs hosted their last event as a part of Hispanic Heritage Month. “Dia De Los Muertos”, took place on Oct. 30 in the Sandia Room.

Everyone who attended the event were treated to hot chocolate and sweet bread, as well as decorating their own marshmallows to resemble “Calveras,” a sweet, sugar candy used to resemble a skull.

Danika Iturrald, office assistant in Hispanic Affairs, presented a presentation on Dia De Los Muertos. She touched on why the holiday is important and what the differences are between it and Halloween.

“Dia De los muertos is an important celebration of the Hispanic culture. It is a time where one can express cultural awareness in celebration of their loved ones. Many people get confused of Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos. Halloween is celebrated in many countries, while Dia De Los Muertos is only celebrated in Spanish-speaking countries,” said Ituralld

She went on to share what people may see at decorated altars.

“The altars have special meanings to the way it honors loved ones. It’s decorated colorfully with religious images, sugar skulls, and marigolds, which represent passion and creativity,” she said.

Everyone celebrates the holiday differently, Ituralld said. They all put their own little twist to the holiday, and some spend longer celebrating than others.

“We usually try to spend more then a week when it comes to celebrating. It’s a big event to our family, because we travel to Mexico to visit our family that lives there and honor our loved ones,” said Diane Lopez.

Others celebrate both Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos together.

“Some of the things me and my family like to do is get our face painted in the design of the skulls. It’s pretty cool. We also like putting up the alter; we usually put Halloween decorations up at the altar, because we tend to celebrate both,” said sophomore Maria Delgado.

Overall ,the night was successful. Everyone who came out said they enjoyed decorating their marshmallows and getting to eat them.

Courtesy photo: Hispanic Affairs

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