Kindness goes a long way

Being kind is an action that one is taught while transitioning from adolescence to adulthood. Many people may overlook kindness and not realize the impact it could have on someone’s day. Just opening the door for a classmate or helping someone take their groceries to their car are just two examples of little things that could change someone’s outlook on life and cause them to pass the kindness on to the next person they see. Nov. 13 is dedicated to this type of act, and it’s called World Kindness Day.

“When I was a kid, there was a time that I was living in hotels and other bad living situations,” said Portales resident McKayla Tempia. “But I remember one time, this woman found out about my struggles and wanted to help in any way she could. She asked me what I enjoyed doing, and I told her I loved art. The next day, she showed up and gifted me with all types of different art utensils and materials. Because of that little act of kindness, I now try to help anyone I can. I’ll always remember Sandra and how she changed my life.”

Some acts of kindness can be small gestures, like gifting a child in need a toy, or it could be even bigger, like starting a charity for someone who is sick.

“My sister, Kenzie and her roommate, Kate, just went to a Seahawks game,” said Clovis resident Hayley Rossi. “Kate was just diagnosed a few months ago with stage four breast cancer, so my sister wanted to make sure they did everything to the fullest. They created a sign paying tribute to Kate’s 66 chemo treatments to hold during the football game. Shortly after staying at the game, Seahawks President Chuck Arnold invited Kate and Kenzie onto the field to watch practice and meet the players before the game. This story touched me, because Kate means so much to my family. I just feel so thankful that someone took the time to make her day even better.”

These acts of kindness have impacted McKayla and Haley’s life forever. No matter how small or big, they may seem to some, every bit counts. World Kindness Day is a holiday that represents a variety of different acts of good will.

Virginia Murray is 26 years old and a Veteran of the United States Air Force. She is currently working on her bachelor’s degree in communication at ENMU.

From left, Kenzie Fruge, Detroit Lion Luke Wilson, and Kate Irwin

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