Senior student-athletes reminisce

Harley Ann Deleeuw Rodeo

An international student on the rodeo team, Deleeuw from Alberta, Canada, and is on the rodeo team at Eastern New Mexico University. Deleeuw has been around horses and animals her entire life as she lives on a ranch back home.

She said she was very excited to attend Eastern for school and rodeo. She transferred to Eastern from Vernon College in Texas where she was top 10 in the region both years.

She is a communication major with a minor in business and economics. Deleeuw plans to pursue her master’s degree and plans to attend law school. She has already been accepted to various law schools.

Deleeuw said she would like thank coach Albert Flinn for all of his support during her time at Eastern.

“None of my success athletically and academically would be possible without his support; he’s a great coach and a great person.”

A senior moment for Deleeuw is just enjoying her last year at ENMU.

“I have absolutely amazing professors, who have worked with me from day one, that have inspired me to be better. I’m also grateful for all the friends I have made here; I feel like they are lifelong friends.”

Deleeuw said coming to the U.S for university was one of the best decisions she’s ever made.

“I’ve gained a lot of experience coming here, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

Josh Miller Football

Josh came to Eastern as a transfer from Feather River College in Quincy, Calif., where he played football for two years prior to attending ENMU. A native of north Bonneville, Wash., coming to New Mexico was a big change for Miller, but he was determined to get his degree and do what he loves.

“I wasn’t sure about coming to ENMU at first, because it’s such a dramatic lifestyle change, but out here, I’ve had so much going on that I forgot I was in such a small town.”

Miller said coming to ENMU was overall, the best decision for him.

“I feel if I went somewhere bigger or in a big city, I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate as well, because there was too much going on. Coming here, I got the right balance between school and athletics.”

Miller is also big on family, so it was difficult moving all the way from Washington to New Mexico.

“You do what you have to do sometimes to get ahead in life, and I made sacrifices being away from my family coming out here, but in the end, I know it worth it.”

Miller recalls his most memorable moment as an ENMU student was bringing home the Wagon Wheel once again.

“There’s no better feeling than beating your rival school in a game, knowing all your hard work is paying off. I knew it was my last wagon wheel game, so it was great to end my career on a high, beating WT.”

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