Happy holidays and see you soon

Hello, ENMU and Portales communities!

Well, it has most definitely been an adventure.

There is no doubt we had one big learning curve this semester, and at times, stress and some trials and tribulations come along with that, but all-in-all, this semester was an enriching and wonderful learning experience for The Chase staff.

We laughed; we cried; we occasionally beat our heads against our desks … but we did it. We had a couple of printing mishaps – who can forget the crime story that started with “Two tramps …” which was made by our very own editor (she will take a bow here).

Yes, we have to laugh at such things, because what else can you do but own up to your mistakes and move on? But those mistakes are what causes us to grow as people and as writers the most.

Whatever little mishaps we may have encountered and overcome, we are proud of the newspaper we created for the Eastern New Mexico University and Portales communities, and we hope that you were happy with it too.

From the staff:

Felix Hernandez:

“I’ve been a writer for the student newspaper for a year now. Throughout this past year, I’ve grown so much as a writer. I learned and gained skills that are going to help me in the future. I’ve made connections with others, and I got to work with a lot of great people, who I’ll be sad to say goodbye too. When I started writing for the newspaper, I wasn’t entirely excited, but that didn’t turn out to be the case. I loved writing, interviewing, and getting to go to events. If it wasn’t for The Chase, I would have just gone through college, sitting in my room. I loved hearing feedback from those who read my stories and from my editor(s). Sure, there were times that I didn’t want to write a story, go to events, or interview people. Once, I finally pushed myself to do it, I was grateful that I did. The Chase has helped me grow as a person and has made me want to become a better writer. I am sad to leave The Chase, but I will be forever grateful for the experience, the people, my fellow Chase writers and you loyal readers. Thank you for giving me the chance to write stories and helping me grow.”

“Thank you, Andrea, for always being there when I need help or just needed assurance. Thank you, Abby, for allowing me to find my voice as a writer. Thank you, Alisa, for helping me become a better writer, always coaching me along the way. Thank you, Shane, Harley, Josh, Christian, Chris, Nicole, Kyle, Virginia, and Jessica, for making The Chase a place where I got to hang and write stories with my friends.”

Nicole Trujillo:

“This semester has really brought a new light to my journalism career. I found my passion for writing. I never liked writing, and I thought I was pretty terrible at it. But as it turns out, everyone starts somewhere. I’m glad my starting point was The Chase. I never thought I’d love writing as much as I love photography. I’ve learned so much this semester, and I will continue to grow in my writing and my photography. I’ll be back next semester, so this technically isn’t a farewell, but a ‘see ya in the next edition.”

We just want to thank each and every one of you for giving us feedback, the compliments at our achievements, the encouragement, the cooperation, for bearing with us through the mistakes, and most of all, for reading our publication.

We appreciate each and every one of you, Dear Readers.

We’ll be back in print in January, and in the mean-time, keep an eye on our Facebook page for posts.

Don’t be a stranger. We still want to hear from you.

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