ENMU Board of Regents retreat

An Eastern New Mexico University Board of Regents retreat was held Jan. 16 in Santa Fe to discuss future plans for the university without taking formal action, according to Vice President of the board Terry Othick.

Othick said the first thing that was discussed was a survey that was administered to faculty, students, and staff through survey-monkey, asking the opinions of different groups about what actions should be taken regarding certain issues on the Portales ENMU campus.

For example, a proposed recreation center for the campus was one thing survey participants believed was less important than something like problems with the Student Academic Services Building.

The board did not have enough time to completely look through all of the results, however, each regent was given the packet of results so they could look through all the information after the retreat was completed, said Othick, who said viewing the results led to a discussion about what was more important – presidential resident housing updates or updates to other facilities on campus.

“Things like this are all tossed up for discussion, and the goal is to figure out which actions need to be taken that will benefit the campus the most,” said Othick. “Right now, it seems that the SAS Building will be the next in line to receive updates.”

The next item of discussion was the ratio of male to female student-athletes on campus. ENMU has about a 40-60 percent ratio of males to females enrolled. The goal is to match the scholarship distribution to these percentages.

Othick said currently, athletic scholarships are almost 100 percent male, so the board discussed ideas of how they can successfully shift the ratios to match up with the percentage of females and males enrolled. One idea was possibly adding another female sport while staying within the set budget.

Another thing that was discussed was different ideas about how to boost enrollment numbers and maintain them. Othick said high schools across New Mexico are experiencing low graduation rates. He said the board is toying with different ideas of what could be done to get more students enrolled and keep them enrolled.

The last item up for discussion was One Eastern, an idea in which all three campuses of ENMU will align in following the same policies and procedures.

At the moment, students from the three different campuses, (Roswell, Ruidoso, and Portales) who would like to transfer from one to the other have to re-apply for admission. One Eastern would allow students to transfer to their desired campus without having to re-apply.

“The retreat produced many discussions of great ideas that are all aimed to improve Eastern New Mexico University overall,” said Othick.

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