Kevin Bozeman Q&A

Comedian Kevin Bozeman, who has performed at clubs and colleges across the country, will perform at Eastern New Mexico University at 7 p.m. on Feb. 27.

Bozeman is the winner of the Midwest region of the HBO “Comedy Competition” and has performed on Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend.”

According to Bozeman’s biography, his dream has always been to work about an hour or two a night, and he has always been able to make people laugh.

Ryan Bolson of the Associated Students Activities Board answered a few questions about Bozeman’s upcoming show.

What type of content does the comedian have to offer?

Kevin Bozeman has an array of comedy varying from clean tips on how to raise your kids to guidance through everyday situations. His acts represent his role as a down to Earth guy and are sure to evoke laughter throughout the room. Is the content kid friendly?

While ASAB typically hosts content that is not explicit, we do not control the acts of performers through direct action. That being said, it is the discretion of the parents if they want their children to be present, but the entertainer is expecting an audience of college-aged individuals.

Is there a meet and greet after?

Meet and greets are at the discretion of the entertainer and are only on rare occasions part of their contract with ENMU ASAB. In the past, entertainers have stayed after to do meet and greets in order to promote their social platforms, such as Twitter and Snapchat.

Is the show going to be interactive?

ASAB does not personally know the exact show Kevin Bozeman will be preforming during his time here at ENMU. It is often the case that comedians do not like to be heckled during their shows, but some comedians will ask for audience input during their acts.

Is this show open to the public or only ENMU students?

Due to the nature of ASAB’s funding being provided by student fees, most events hosted by ASAB will be only available to the students of ENMU and staff members of ENMU. Children of both may be allowed under certain circumstances while under parental supervision.

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