ENMU hosts career workshops

ENMU Outreach Counselor Melissa Yazzie walking attendees through the STAR method of job interviews.​

Eastern New Mexico University hosted a job interview workshop the week of Feb. 4-8 as part of Career Skills Week.

Every afternoon in the Golden Student Success Center, ENMU Outreach Counselor Melissa Yazzie presented different topics relating to careers, such as internships, interviews, and résumés.

In a workshop on Thursday, Yazzie advocated the STAR Method (situation, task, action, result) for writing résumés and answering interview questions with “accomplishment-driven responses.” This method emphasizes describing experiences and outcomes rather than a list of job tasks and can be applied to résumé-building and interview responses.

Yazzie also offered her own advice on how to succeed in job interviews. One of her points was that interviewees should prepare their outfits and materials the day before, so everything is “ready to go” beforehand.

“It’s like your first day of school,” said Yazzie.

She also advised interviewees to eat beforehand.

“If your nerves are running, and you’re running on a pot of coffee … you’re going to crash,” she said.

She also said to know exactly where an interview is taking place to ensure punctuality. She advised interviewees to research prospective colleagues on the professional networking service LinkedIn, which was a topic of discussion in a prior workshop. Finally, Yazzie advised interviewees to ask questions to their interviewers.

“It’s as much you interviewing them as them interviewing you,” she said.

ENMU students Valerie Jimenez and Rachael Young attended most of the workshops during Career Skills Week.

Jimenez said she enjoyed learning ways she can enhance her résumé.

“The STAR method is a really god way to write your résumé,” said Jimenez.

Young said she enjoyed learning how to prepare for job interviews down the road.

Jimenez and Young are supposed to graduate in May.

Yazzie has worked at ENMU as an Outreach Counselor in Counseling and Career Services since July and specializes in career readiness support. She is also responsible for presenting to Freshman Seminar classes to raise awareness about the Counseling and Career Services department.

According to Yazzie, these types of presentations had not been done in a “long time,” but she said she feels positive about the student turnout throughout the week.

Yazzie said students can “increase their chances of a better career” by attending workshops like these or by scheduling appointments with Counseling and Career Services, where students can make appointments with professional counselors and access educational training.

Students can call 575-562-2211 to make an appointment or stop by Student Academic Services (SAS) room 232.

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