High School students celebrate talents

Photo courtesy of Staff Writer Monica Pando

Eastern New Mexico University Spanish Club hosted the Festival Romanico on Feb. 8 in the Campus Union Building.

Various high schools across New Mexico and Texas participated in the event, which celebrated Spanish-speaking cultures and to showcase their talents.

Gloria Magnolia Jurado, last year’s president of the Festival Romanico, said that the festival is a celebration of Romanic language and many get it confused with romantic. Romanic languages are derived from Latin. The festival is a celebration of the Spanish language.

Marlene Chacon Jr. from Hobbs High School visited ENMU for the Festival Romanico. She said it was her first year attending the event, and she was inspired to join the event because of her Spanish teacher. She said her favorite part was when she acted during one of the events.

Johnatan Renteria, Spanish Club president, said the festival is “to remind students here at ENMU that the Spanish culture has not died.”

When asked why they gave the students an opportunity to perform on stage, Renteria said it is to show that talent is still alive; many individuals have talent that others may not recognize.

“They live around us, and they walk around us. Every day they pass by you in the hallways and in classes, and you don’t even know about it. So, this makes people bring out their talent, let them show who they really are and their Hispanic culture,” said Renteria.

Brayan Parra, Spanish Club vice president, said that the festival is “to embrace the Mexican culture within the high school students and to let them know that here at Eastern, we actually do have a really good Spanish program.”

Many competitions took place at the festival, such as poetry, skits, a talent show, a piñata contest, arts and crafts, essay and video submissions, and native and non-native speakers. At the end of the competitions, a dance took place in the Ballroom of the CUB.

The following were the winners of the talent show:

  • First place, Lάgrimas of Roswell High School

  • Second place, Fiesta Tapatίa of Clovis Freshmen Academy

  • Third place, Trίo de tres of Clovis High School.

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