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It’s Valentine’s Day approaching, and love is in the air.

So, what are Eastern New Mexico University students looking for with love?

Some students said they prefer to go with the flow, seeing what comes along. Others have set plans of what they would like to happen.

D’Anna Pleasant said, “I’m kind of trying to make a foundation for myself before I try to get into anything serious with another person.”

Although Pleasant is not focused on her relationship status, when she is thinking of it, there are certain things that come to mind. To sort out what she wanted from a romantic relationship, she first had to analyze everything she did not want from a romantic relationship. Pleasant concluded that she would like someone who will not hold back from speaking their mind and communicates honestly.

She said she prefers someone that can tell a good joke, and is spontaneous, passionate, and empathetic as she describes herself to be an “empathetic crier.” Pleasant said she would like for the person to have a purpose in life, seeking joy in all that they encounter. Something she tends to avoid in a relationship is a negative, judgmental person and one who complains and does not accept change well.

Jasiah Ruiz, a junior at Eastern, who is in a new relationship, said she has an idea of what to look for.

The very first thing Ruiz searched for was someone that was family-oriented, so they would understand the close relationship she has with hers. When she was looking, another thing that was a huge factor was personality. Ruiz said she likes someone who is kind, and funny, since she has little tolerance for people who are impolite and self-centered. Things to avoid were simple: They cannot be rude or selfish.

When asked if she had found in her relationship what she was searching for, Ruiz responded with, “He’s very family-oriented, very nice, very funny, and keeps himself up.”

The ENMU Psychology Club believes that people with common interests tend to mesh well. That’s why the organization held a fundraiser in which a survey based on different interests could be purchased by students. Completing the survey would match those with similar answers or interests.

Troy Sanders, president of the Psychology Club and Psi Chi said, “If someone were to answer similar remarks to one person, that’s how they’ll match more categorically, versus one interest or another; it’s just based off common interest.”

To make things even more fun, all results were held until today.

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