ENMU sports teams supporting a cause

The Eastern New Mexico University sports teams are taking part in the fight against breast cancer awareness.

According to athletic department officials, baseball, softball, and basketball will be bringing specialty games throughout the season.

On Feb. 14, the ENMU men’s and women basketball teams wore pink in support of fighting breast cancer. Both the men’s and women’s basketball teams hope to include more specialty games in the following season, as the Greyhounds hosted their last home game on Feb. 16 against Angelo State University.

“That’s the month that college basketball chooses to celebrate; I think that February is a big breast cancer month across the country, but you know how it is; there’s lots of ways you can promote stuff, but because of the publicity of college sports, we can really use our platform to spread the word,” said men’s basketball head coach Tyler Seglar. “All these little kids come in and see the pink and ask questions on why we’re doing that. It’s a big deal to us. Our promotions department is trying to do more by getting the students involved and to have people excited about coming. I imagine next year, we’ll do three or more, so watch out for next year.”

ENMU women’s basketball head coach Josh Prock said, “It’s a game to play; it’s obviously a great cause; there are so many people that battled that terrible disease. It’s great to be able to support that cause for sure.”

The baseball and softball teams recently began their seasons, and their coaches are excited to see what the rest of their seasons will look like.

Head baseball coach David Gomez said, “We’re definitely gonna do a breast cancer awareness game. I don’t have a date set yet, but we will be doing one during the season. We’re having ups and downs a little bit. Right now, we are 5 and 3, when you lose 1 through 6 in the lineup and then three guys in the pitching rotations from last year to this year, that’s a lot to have to replace.”

As the season progresses for baseball, the team hopes to finish out the year strong and on top.

Softball will be hosting a pink-out game, as well as a military appreciation game this year. March 1 and 2 are our pink out games,” said head coach Kira Zieter. “I’m very proud of this team, they battle hard no matter what the situation is and want to represent Eastern New Mexico University the best way they can.”

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