Career workshops help ENMU students find jobs

Workshops through Eastern New Mexico University’s Advising Center match students with jobs based on their personalities and interests.

At times, college students can feel conflicted about what career path to take, which can cause them to major in areas they do not enjoy, according to Kailey Brooks-Rampley of the advising center. The Meaningful Career workshop is a helpful tool that can send students in the correct direction based on individual interest.

The ENMU Advising Center is required to host student success events each semester. The goal with these events is to offer students workshops that will help them advance skills, figure out a career, and give general information on what to expect while in college, according to Brooks-Rampley.

“A lot of issues that some students and I have coming into college are what am I going to do? With all the degree choices, what can we do with each of them?” she said.

The workshop is made to point students in a direction based on activities they like to do, which is measured through a website called O-Net, an online tool that collects occupational data. It allows exploration through many different occupations and makes assessments based on interests.

“The work environment will be congruent to your personality, and that means a lot to people, because you spend a lot of your life working, and in the workplace, so you want to enjoy it,” said Brooks-Rampley.

According to Brooks-Rampley, the website not only helps students find a career; it also helps them find a vocation and is very simple to use, requiring no registration at all.

Within O-Net there are affiliated websites like, which offers an interest profiler. After completing the interest assessment, which is almost like an aptitude test, the results are broken down into five levels based on the amount of experience needed. Level one includes occupations that call for a high school diploma or GED, and level five would require a master’s degree or higher.

Included in each of the levels are lists of possible career choices that match with the results. Jobs requiring little to no training, such as waitressing or cashiering, would be placed in level one. A job requiring extensive studying and training, such as one in the psychology field, would be placed in level five. The goal for the students is to make choices based on their enjoyment rather than focusing on how much the job pays or what the students believe they are capable of.

It can possibly help pointing those who have a little bit of confusion in the right direction.

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