Student organization profile: ASAB

The Associated Students Activities Board (ASAB) is an organization that hosts various activities and events on campus at Eastern New Mexico University throughout the schoolyear. Some examples of events are comedians, performing artists, movie nights and much more, and all of the events they host are free.

ASAB member Kinnley Davis said, “I am in ASAB, because I really like taking charge on campus and making sure that all students feel welcome.”

Every ASAB member has a specific job, which involves what degree or experience they have to incorporate.

Katherine Perebs is a junior at ENMU and pursuing a degree in graphic design and marketing. Pereb’s role in ASAB includes helping design flyers and cards to advertise ASAB’s events.

“Being in ASAB has secured me jobs in marketing and graphic design. I am the coordinator of marketing, and I am their graphic designer as well,” said Perebs. “It does offer you a lot of job opportunities in more ways than one. It opens a lot of doors for you in campus life.”

Director of Campus Life, Reydecel Coss is an ENMU graduate and guides the students with the events.

“This is an organization made by the students for the students. I advise them and help them, but this is their show,” said Coss.

Any ENMU student can apply to be part of ASAB. Applications can be found in the Campus Life office.

ENMU student Caleb Garnand joined ASAB with a friend looking for a job. Garnand is the coordinator of sound, helping with the technical aspects for ASAB events.

“Rey was kind enough to give me a job. For me, being here as a coordinator is my way of paying it forward with that kindness,” said Garnand. “I can let ASAB know that I can get the job done.”

ASAB offers students a variety of ways to be involved and gain experience. Members learn how to organize events and network with getting people to come to ENMU.

ASAB Retention Coordinator Samuel Coronado said, “You learn how budgeting works; you learn about interchangeable aspects in the professional environment. You take that with you in life. Overall, it is just a learning experience.”

ASAB attends National Association for Campus Activities (NACA) every year to learn about professional leadership, program planning, and more. Many artists, comedians, and other special events get booked on campus through ASAB.

“Other student organizations at NACA ask us how we are doing and how to be better, because we have high numbers at our events at ENMU,” said Coronado.

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