ENMU Student wins Best of Show

People gather to enjoy artwork at the Runnels Gallery on March 22 for the K Through ENMU art show.

A reception for K through ENMU art show was held on March 22 in the Golden Student Success Center (GSSC), awarding students around the Portales area from kindergarten through college for their artwork.

K through ENMU has been an annual event for the past 10 years, involving the community of Portales and surrounding areas. Any public, private, or homeschooled student can be eligible to participate in the event.

Manager of the Runnels Gallery Bryan Hahn hosts many events and artists who display their artwork in the GSSC.

“It is really exciting to see young people entering their work, whether they place or not. All of these people have taken a chance and created something, and to me, that is exciting to be a part of,” Hahn said. “This event is a great event for young, ambitious artists to enter and express their art.”

Bryan Hahn announces the placement winners at the K-ENMU event at the Runnels Gallery on March 22.

The students’ artwork was displayed in the Runnels Gallery in the GSSC from Feb. 25 through March 22 for the public to enjoy. Many ENMU students were recognized and awarded during the March 22 reception.

This year, the gallery received 330 individual submissions, and 104 were selected to be in the exhibition. The jury that decided who was selected consisted of two professional artists, one pre-professional artist, and one lover of art/academic scholar. The jury also rates and selects the Best of Show, which anyone can win.

The 2019 Best of Show award went to ENMU student Van Thang. Thang entered his piece, “Family of the Valley,” which explains his background and his concentration in art.

“My concentration artwork and my goal for it is to make people see the life of families living in poverty,” said Thang. “My experience and background are what pushed me to do art like this so that people can see poor people and help.”

Thang wishes to pursue his career in art and to continue to shine light on poverty in poor villages. He wants to inspire others and to show them that poor places in the world still exist and need help. Thang sad he also wishes to one day return to his village and help people financially and with establishing education.

People gather to admire artwork pieces at the K-ENMU event in the Runnels Gallery on March 22.

ENMU student Trenna McKinley was placed in the top three for her piece, “The Feeling of Grace,” which displayed the struggles of what it means to dance in ballet pointe shoes.

“It is really painful and difficult to learn the technique, so I really wanted to show that in my art, and I finally got the opportunity to make them look how it feels to dance in them,” said McKinley.

“Going through this and receiving an award, it gives me excitement of learning something new, getting something done right and being recognized for it,” she said.

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