Award-winning film maker attends lectureship

Photo by Andres Aguirre

Patrice Caldwell presents lectureship guest of honor Alex Rivera with a plaque Friday during the lectureship.

The 43rdAnnual Jack Williamson Lectureship took place April 4-5 with guest of honor Alex Rivera.

A crowd of people gathered to celebrate Jack Williamson and the art of storytelling by attending events, such as the screening of Rivera’s “Sleep Dealer,” a presentation of science fiction and filmmaking, the lectureship luncheon, the tabletop gaming session, and science fiction and fantasy panels.

Rivera is the writer and director of “Sleep Dealer,” an award-winning science fiction movie that has strong social and political themes. It won the Waldo Salt Screening Award, the Alfred P. Sloan Prize at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, and The H.R Giger Award for the Best International Film.

On April 5 at the science fiction presentation in the Campus Union Building, Rivera showed a few of his early films and talked about what he portrays in the films and his inspirations.

“My biggest inspirations are the people I see around me, my family and my community who are taking risks, who are crossing borders, who are risking their lives,” said Rivera. “The people who are going through inconceivable adventures and showing the stories that aren’t being told.”

Eastern New Mexico University student Nathan Gandara said he enjoyed the presentation and talking to Rivera.

Gandara said, “I feel the presentation was very well detailed, that Alex Rivera knew what he was talking about. The reason is because not only did he speak from experience, but he also spoke from trials and errors he made along the way and how he learned to improve from them.”

Rivera’s most recent project, “The Infiltrators,” premiered at the Sundance Festival where it won the NEXT Audience Award and NEXT Innovator Award.

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