Conference provides student opportunities

Photo by Alisa Boswell-Gore

The annual Student Research and Creativity Conference (SRCC) held at Eastern New Mexico University on April 3 is a wonderful opportunity for students to present their work in a professional setting, according to coordinators.

Students from a variety of majors who submit a variety of research papers and creative works to the conference.

Sean Mclaughlin’s presentation was about the beginning of his research into creating his own language. He explained that he studied English rules in-depth and slightly tweaked them to fit his vision for this language. Mclaughlin ensured his audience that he would definitely be back for next year’s SRCC to present the created language when it is further developed.

The conference consisted of paper, poster, and Power Point presentations. Poster presentations were showcased in the Campus Union Building for spectators to openly walk through and view the different research ideas. The papers and performances were set up in classrooms around campus, and presenters are given 10 minutes to complete their presentations.

A poster presentation by Kaniya Sandoval had her feeling great, as this was her second year participating in the conference.

“I wasn’t as nervous as I would have been but presenting my research for the past two years now has been a great experience,” said Sandoval.

Her presentation was about detecting effects of flooded environments on deer ticks and lone star ticks. Sandoval said that there were not many published articles pertaining to this topic, so she felt very good and confident with her presentation.

Other presentations consisted of things like book analyses, such as Kelly Cradock, who gave a presentation about the novel, “White Noise” by Don DeLillo. She explored deeper into DeLillo’s meaning, describing the author as “complex” and the novel as “Intriguing.”

“I kind of got trapped within the novel; there are so many different ways to look at it,” said Cradock.

She discussed how DeLillo experiments with unconventional plots within his novel, that shift around the characters crisis.

Another part of the paper/performance aspect of the conference is that the audience is given a chance to question the presenter upon finishing.

Multiple students said they would be back next year to present.

The conference also offered cash awards to students with outstanding presentations.

A sampling of award winners for poster/creative work displays were the following:

  • Haily Galindo

  • Whitney Cordova

  • Toni Saldana.

Papers and performance winners included the following:

  • Vance Miller

  • Darby Cavanaugh

  • William Powell.

All 2019 award winners are posted on ENMU’s website under SRCC helpful links.

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