ENMU event for 'the casual love of art"

Photo by Andres Aguirre

ENMU students Vicky Pallas, left, and Brad Morley work together to draw an outer space-themed piece at the sidewalk chalk competition.

The sidewalk chalk competition on April 3 brought Eastern New Mexico students from all different majors.

This is the second sidewalk chalk art competition that ENMU has hosted.

“It’s just a different kind of surface to work on,” said Runnels Gallery manager Bryan Hahn. “You don’t have to have an easel or paper; where ever you are in your environment, you can create art. It creates its own gallery.”

Twenty teams were given their own square of the ENMU sidewalk to create their art. Teams were made up of either one or two students.

There was no theme for the competition, and any student could participate.

“We have quite a mix of people here today,” Hahn said during the competition.

The sidewalk chalk competition was part of ENMU’s Day of Art, a day that Hahn says, is all about the casual love of art.

“It’s just a casual day for students to come out and either partake in paintings or they can create chalk works,” said Hahn.

The winners were as follows:

1st: Kyree Mackey

2nd: Devon Segura

3rd: Van Thang

Honorable mentions:

Kimberly Gonzalez

Katherine Perales

Arien Mendoza

Photos by Kiley Garrett

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