Some Easter DIYs for the family

Coloring Easter eggs with your little ones can be fun but also a bit messy. I have a solution to this that will be less of a mess and more memorable. Here are three Easter DIY’s for you and your kids:

Marshmallow Easter Bunny Craft

Supplies: Mini marshmallows White glue Googly Eyes Fuzzy Pom Poms Construction paper A pencil Yarn or pipe cleaners

Instructions: > You’ll want to start by drawing out the shape of a bunny head on some construction paper. > Next, you can either outline the drawing in glue or have your child do it. This step is up to you. > Have your children place the marshmallows onto the glue. > Lastly, add details to the bunny. Add the eyes, add the pom pom for the nose, and add the yarn/pipe cleaners for the whiskers. > And you’re done.

Easter Carrot Footprint

Supplies: Orange Acrylic paint Green construction paper Scissors Paintbrush White paper Glue Wipes for easy clean up Instructions: > Take the orange paint and paint the bottoms of your child’s foot. You’ll want to have the child stand on top of the white paper to transfer their orange footprint. > Wipe off the bottoms of your child’s foot to avoid any accidental messes. > Cut out your child’s footprint leaving a small white boarder around it. > Cut thin strips of green construction paper and have your child glue green pieces of construction paper to the back of their footprint (the toes will be the top of the carrot). > Finished!

Popsicle Stick Chicks

Supplies: Popsicle sticks Glue Yellow paint Paint brush Googly eyes Orange construction paper Yellow construction paper Scissors Instructions: > Paint five popsicle sticks yellow and then glue them together right next to each other. > Glue on the googly eyes > Cut out a diamond shape using the orange paper as the beak. Also, cut out small feet for the chick. > Cut out wings for the chick using the yellow paper as well as a little hair piece for the top of the chick. > Finished Now you’ve got some easy and quick Easter crafts that aren’t your typical Easter egg coloring activity.

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