Local families learn about the importance of traditions

The importance of creating and maintaining family traditions was taught to local families on April 4 by Karim Martinez.

Attendees of the work shop learned things they can incorporate in their households. Martinez said making traditions helps build memories.

It is important to have daily routines, she added. Having a meal together can be beneficial, because it helps increase nutrition. Teens are less likely to have sex and more likely to have better peer relationships and not have depression. Furthermore, having your children help around the kitchen and have a role at dinner time can help them build skills.

Another daily routine that was brought up was “make up time,” which is not going to bed angry and talking about conflicts and what might help resolve them, said Martinez. Also, proud moments where you ask your children what they did that they are proud of.

The workshop also taught some traditions for milestones, such as for birthdays, using a special plate where only the people who have their birthday can eat their cake on that plate or marking the child's different heights or creating a scrapbook.

For weddings, pass on family heirlooms, recognize family members who have passed away, have the brides’ mother or grandmother write a message on the bottom of the brides' shoe, save the cake topper and use it for the first anniversary.

For the first day of school, take a picture every year. The child can wear a big t-shirt that says, “class of (with the year)” and watch them grow into it. Write a note and put it in the child's lunchbox.

Have seasonal activities to create traditions. During fall go to a fall festival. In winter, create a snowed in activity box, make hot chocolate, share stories, collect holiday ornaments, and go caroling. During the summer, go on a picnic, watch fireworks, have an evening under the stars.

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