College of Business shares at luncheon

The Roosevelt County Chamber of Commerce’s quarterly luncheon was held April 18 in the Zia Room of the Eastern New Mexico University Campus Union building

The first speaker at the luncheon was ENMU President Jeff Elwell, who gave legislative updates, saying that New Mexico is fortunate, because the proportion of funding that public universities revived is one of the highest in the nation. In Colorado, universities receive roughly 7-9 percent of their budget from the state, and New Mexico gets about 50 percent from the state.

Elwell said with ENMU having a little over $2.5 million in capital outlay, will be used for the following:

  • Almost $1 million for KENW

  • $100,000 for a tower that fell over

  • $750,000 Greyhound arena roof replacement

  • $700,000 campus infrastructure

Elwell also discussed the Greyhound Promise, which will be allocated $300,000 a year and is a program to give incentives to students to go into teacher education. That covers in-state tuition and fees for up to four years to purse a traditional teacher education track. In return, the students will have to teach in New Mexico Public schools for two to four years.

Elwell also shared that the athletics program received around $204 thousand . Along with funding for Blackwater Draw, the nursing program, KENW and student success.

Elwell also mentioned that this year's class of graduates at ENMU is one of the largest ever.

John Montgomery, interim dean of the College of Business, spoke after Elwell, saying that online programs are no longer unique and that the College of Business needs to think of new ideas. He went on to say that the MBA program is identified as one of the top programs in low tuition and in quality, but most of the classes have 20 students or less, which is low. He said some new elements in fall 2019 will be accounting and international business.

Montgomery said that he wants to reach out more to local businesses for internships and other kinds of applied opportunities for students. He added that “internships are credible to give our students more than just book learning.”

The attendees made suggestions and asked questions.

One question was what type of internships are needed? Montgomery replied accounting, marketing, and setting up a business plan are the primary ones.

Some asked for guidelines on how internships are structured and what responsibilities would be helpful? Montgomery stated that it would be best for people to come talk with him in person in that regard.

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