Kylie Jenner did not make a name for herself

One of the most popular family names in America, Kardashian/Jenner appears on many magazine covers, and this time it was Forbes featuring the youngest of the kin.

Kylie Jenner was named one of the youngest self-made billionaires ever, because she is reportedly worth $1 billion, according to Forbes magazine. This came about because Jenner runs the hottest makeup company, Kylie Cosmetics. Releasing her very first product about two years ago was the beginning of her empire, which has grown immensely since.

Everyone may wonder why many have become obsessed with her makeup brand, and I really do believe that the individuals purchasing her makeup either want to look like her, or they really believe they will enjoy the quality of the makeup, because of the higher pricing. I also believe that in the beginning of her reign, her fans were so supportive, they began purchasing her product simply because her name was on the packaging. I think this is what deposited into the young Jenner being named the youngest self-made billionaire ever.

It has been argued that Jenner is not self-made, because of her family’s background.

For those that do not keep up with the Kardashians, Jenner’s parents are Bruce and Kris Jenner. Her father, Bruce Jenner was an Olympic icon – also receiving national attention after coming out as transgender, becoming Caitlynn Jenner. Mom, Kris Jenner is famously known as a “momager,” managing her five daughters’ professional lives. The mother is also a prominent character on the show, “Keeping up With the Kardashians.”

Kris Jenner was good friends with the late Nicole Brown Simpson as well, which began placing her in the media’s scrutiny as Orenthal James Simpson’s trial began. Jenner’s ex-husband, Robert Kardashian, was one of the lawyers that came to Simpson’s defense upon accusations that he committed the murder of Brown- Simpson.

I know, lots of facts, but the point is to demonstrate all of the attention that has surrounded this family, and as time goes on, has continued to locate them.

The very first season of the reality show surrounding the life of the Kardashian/Jenner family began airing in 2007 when Kylie Jenner was around 9 years old. It has continued to present day; now Jenner is age 21. At this point, I do firmly believe that this woman grew up in the spotlight because of the tight scrutiny her family received when she was so young. Once she became old enough, I think that she began receiving recognition because of her alternative style, as well as having the ability to purchase luxury items at a young age that most people only dream of.

It is no secret that Jenner, along with the rest of her family members, is very wealthy. She was born into this wealthy family, and it seems as though she never really understood what it is like to struggle financially. Yes, Jenner began working at a rather young age, however, my opinion is that she had resources that many normal people do not.

There were many powerful presences that surrounded her as she was growing up, and it seems as though they held her hand to send her in the right direction. The fact that her name was well-known before she was a teenager feeds into people already knowing who she was before she owned the million-dollar company.

All of her success is very impressive at her age, but I do believe that it was induced due to the continual attention that her family has received before she was even born. It becomes very easy to make a name for yourself when family members before you have already accomplished that. I feel that this contributed to the recognition that acted as a helpful stepping stone, assisting her into the position she is in now. All of this reasoning has caused me to believe that the young Jenner is not self-made, a fact that others tend to argue.

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