Faculty profile: Max Silver


Max Silver is a new face to the Eastern New Mexico University campus, not only as a football coach,but also to theclassroom, where heteaches theory of coaching. 


What’s your life like outside work?

 I’m either at home with my girl or watching films. I don’t have too much of a social life out here. I spend my time trying to makemy team better or be with my family. 

What are your hobbies?


I like to be outdoors, whether I’m at practice or just walking around the track. I enjoy going for long drives and seeing different parts of the country. 

What’s your ideal vacation?

My ideal vacation is somewhere in the mountains, where I can hike, fishand be outdoors and stay in a cabin for a month or two to get away from reality.

What do you plan to do after you retire?


 I don’t really plan to retire. I’m going to be either teaching high school and coaching football, or be an athletic director. 

Talk about your family, including pets

I grew up with two older sisters, oneolder brother and a younger sister. I had a pretty good childhood and respected my parents to the fullest. I always had a dream of playing professional ball, and when I blew my shoulder out, I knew it was time to go on to coaching. I currently have a kitten here in Portales named Kona,a white lab back at home in California named Lena and a tropical parrot named Harley.

When schools out, what is your ideal relax day like?

When schools out, I plan to be at football camps until I go home for some weddings. But it’s football all the time and trying to get my craft down.

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