ENMU Advising Shares Strategies for Success in Online Classes Workshop

September 11, 2019


Online classes can be confusing and stressful, especially if it’s your first time taking one. On Aug.
29, Eastern New Mexico University advisor Chris Salazar gave a presentation to students
seeking helpful tips to succeed in their online courses. “I hope that this presentation eases
students fears, because when you are doing something brand new, it can be daunting not
knowing what to do,” Salazar said. “I am hoping that this can give them a little bit of assurance
with that ‘hey I can do this!’ and have a little bit more knowledge to survive the class.”
Salazar’s presentation showed the students what to expect from the class, as well as from the
professor. He shared that online courses will be through Blackboard. This is where the student
will find the assigned reading for the week, quizzes that are to be done, how to turn in work
and where to find assignments and due dates.
Salazar gave tips on how to find a study area to help the student change their mindset to
complete classwork more efficiently. He said that the best places on campus include the
Golden Student Success Center, the University Computer Center, the Alley in the Campus Union
Building, and the Jack Williamson Liberal Arts building.
Salazar reminded students to plan ahead and set a specific time to get things done.
“A lot of classes at ENMU are being offered online these days, and some are only ever offered
online,” Salazar said. “If I can do my part to ease the fear of being online for these classes, I
want to do what I can.”
“I picked up a couple of new strategies to use, some that I never even thought about before,”
said Christopher Gomez, a Freshman who attended the presentation. “I feel more comfortable
knowing that this is an actual thing that other people are concerned with and actually talk
about.” He recalled an example Salazar gave in his presentation, where students can use a
different web browser than they normally would while they are working online for their class.
In doing so, the student will not have to worry about pop-up ads and other distractions.
“I am definitely glad I attended today because I have never taken an online class before,” said
Freshman Logan O’Brien, whose online class is a second eight-week course. "I learned more
information, so I’m ready when it starts."

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