Greyhound Lounge Open to ENMU Students

Rey Coss, Eastern New Mexico University Campus Life Coordinator, recently discussed the origins and future of the Greyhound Lounge.

The Greyhound Lounge, located in the Campus Union Building, offers a space for students to play video games, host events, hold club meetings, watch TV, and more.

Before the Greyhound Lounge was constructed, the area was just an open space for students to hang out. Coss believed this open area could be converted into something beneficial for students.

“Upon the completion of the GSSC, I met with my boss on what to do with the empty space. We decided to gather a committee, and have a vote,” said Coss. “We now have an area where students can go chill, play pool, we have TV’s, video games etc. We received everything we could afford within budget and suggestions from the committee.”

Coss explained how the Greyhound Lounge is always evolving. “Whatever students need [that] we have funding for, we are happy to provide,” said Coss. “As of right now we are just trying to figure out the timing schedule, but we will provide whatever is reasonable, and in budget.” ENMU students Phil Tuiava and Jamar Claibourn, who frequently go to the Greyhound Lounge, both agreed that they like having a hangout spot right next to the cafeteria and playing video games whenever they want. “We would like to see more pool tables and gaming systems so more people could play at a time,” agreed Tuiava and Claibourn. Nevertheless, many students agree that the Greyhound Lounge has been successful in its goal of being the new leisure spot on campus.

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