Homecoming King and Queen Candidates Anticipate Election

Every year, Eastern New Mexico University holds a homecoming king and queen competition for those who want to represent the school and earn the coveted title. Each participant must be elected by the student body, and the winner is determined by the number of votes. Voting began Sept. 16 and ended on Sept. 25 at 5 p.m.

“I’m not the normal choice for homecoming queen because I'm not affiliated with Greek Life or anything,” said homecoming queen candidate and sophomore, Hannah Kamphius. “I’m really nerdy and not super involved on campus, but I want to get more involved on campus and I feel like this is the biggest way to do that.” When asked why this title means a lot to her, Kamphius said she would like to represent the school by doing more community service hours. “I’ve done a lot of community service hours throughout my life, so I’m a big person on community service,” Kamphius said. “And I think if I do become homecoming queen I’m going to make it more of an effort to go to events and talk to people to get to know them.”

Savannah Reyes, a senior majoring in biology pre-med with a minor in psychology, President of Chi Omega, Caduceus Health Society member and a tutor on campus said that being elected would be a great way to end her college career. “Since it is my senior year, I want to go out with a bang,” said Reyes. “I thought, why not say ‘yes’ to everything this year because it’s going to be my last, and I want to remember it. Another thing is that I get to represent Eastern.” Reyes believes that if she is elected, she will represent the school in a positive light. “I feel like everyone thinks that just because we are a small school and a small town, we can’t get a lot out of it, and I feel like it’s the opposite,” said Reyes. “I want to show what Eastern has to offer.”

Kaitlyn Shim, a senior at ENMU and homecoming queen candidate, said that representing the school means a lot to her. “As soon as I was put in the position to represent ENMU as a potential new homecoming queen, it meant a lot because I’m a very positive and social person, and I think that’s an important aspect to add especially when you’re campaigning,” says Shim. “Your face is all over campus and I’m representing my campaign as Kaitlyn. I’m not representing my campaign as a ZETA, Panhellenic member, or peer mentor.” If chosen, Shim wants to represent Eastern in a positive light. “I want people to feel united,” Shim said. “People think that Greek life is so secluded from everyone, and that Greek life needs to stay with Greek life and sports need to stay with sports, and that’s what I kind of want to mix in.”

Reyna Ibarra, a senior majoring in Forensic Biology, said that representing ENMU means a lot to her because Eastern has helped her grow as a person and leader. “I’ve been able to be a leader in organizations like Chi Omega, Forensic Science Society, and as a Dawg Days counselor,” said Ibarra. “I would like to represent the school in a positive light by encouraging the community to come to campus events.”

Blake Ahrens, the only homecoming king candidate, said that he has never been in this sort of position, which makes it mean a lot more to him. “When I came to Eastern I wasn’t planning on getting involved in very many activities,” said Ahrens. “The community really brought out the best in me, so it means a lot that I’ve been able to be a representative to students that don’t feel like they’re not very outgoing.” Ahrens hopes to be a voice for other introverted students.

Election results with be announced during the homecoming bonfire at Greyhound Arena on Sept. 27.

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