ENMU Releases Three-Year Crime Statistics

The ENMU Department of Public Safety reported statistics from the last three years on fire incidents from all resident facilities, and the last three years on all other crime statistics on their ENMU Police Department page. The ENMU-DPS exists to ensure the safety of the students and staff here at ENMU.

The department’s fire statistics reported only one fire-related incident in 2018 due to an unintentional grease fire on a stove in San Juan Village. The fire resulted in $2,500 in property damage. The report also covers all current fire systems in all the residential facilities showing how up-to-date each facility is in the case of a fire emergency. There was at least one evacuation fire drill conducted last year.

The crime statistics reported by the department gives insight on several crimes and whether they were committed on or off campus along with the number of crimes over the last three years. ENMU DPS reported no arrests for weapon-related crimes from 2016 to 2018. For drug abuse violations, ENMU saw an increase from 17 incidents in 2016 to 21 in 2017. In 2018, there were nine instances of drug abuse violations. As for liquor law violations, ENMU saw nine instances in 2016, 13 in 2017, and 11 in 2018. ENMU saw a rise from one to four instances of domestic violence between 2016 and 2018. There was one instance of aggravated assault on campus in 2018 and no instances of robbery in 2018. The report is available at https://my.enmu.edu/c/document_library/get_file?uuid=a755aa59-78a5-48d6-a9d5-63d367682f59&groupId=3867511.

Students and staff are encouraged to always contact 911 in the case of an emergency. For all non-emergency issues, call 575-562-2392. The ENMU Department of Public Safety is located at 229 S. Ave K on the corner of W. 3rd St. and S Ave K.

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