Art Instructor Exhibits Original Work at Runnels Gallery

Scott Golem is an art instructor at Eastern New Mexico University whose exhibit, “Circling the Horizon,” is on display at the Runnels Gallery in the Golden Student Success Center on campus. Golem answered a few questions regarding his work and the process he underwent to create this exhibit.

What was the inspiration for this?

I guess the beauty of being in Portales with all these beautiful skyscapes. It’s just what happens when the sun shines light on these clouds with these gorgeous colors. When I shoot things, I just want people to be able to see things like this that they otherwise wouldn’t.

What sort of work do you usually do here at ENMU?

Graphic design, which is what I teach, and I try so see things that are just everyday objects and incorporate them into my design work. There is a difference between fine art and graphic design, and often the lines are blurred in my work. I went to Choco Canyon before working here and photographed some wonderful things for them. I wound up incorporating that into my design book based on my photography.

How long have you taught at this university?

I’ve taught here for three years. I started in the fall of 2017, and I’m really happy to be here. I feel like I’ve found my tribe, so to speak. I’ve gotten to work with really wonderful people, and we work with each other really well. During my three years here, I’ve been on two search committees and I feel like I’ve grown a lot, and I really enjoy being here. I’ve incorporated some of my abilities as a designer and brought them back to the school.

What was the process in creating the images for your exhibit?

This was the first time I’ve worked with large prints. Most of them are about 40 inches wide. It was a bit of a challenge to get them mounted. It was a lot of work to fit them to smaller mounts without damaging the prints in the process. The editing I did to these images were minimal, only to correct anything the camera might have missed out on when I was shooting, like color correction. On the wide shots, I used the software to stitch the images together as not to distort them or add grain. These are a set of five or six shots put together to create a larger image. The circular version of each image just gave me this feeling of stillness. These images are just slow-moving and tranquil to me.

What are the dates for this exhibit?

It’s a three-week exhibit, so until about the middle of October. I would also just like to say thank you to both Bryan Hahn and all the students and staff that have made the exhibit possible this year.

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