Day in the Life: Bailey Puckett

The Chase photo: Jonathan Elkins

Bailey Puckett is a sophomore at Eastern New Mexico University earning a degree in Computer Science, and he always make sure to start his days early. Puckett wakes up in the early morning and uses those first few hours of the day to do homework and prepare for the day to come. After getting ready at home, Puckett sets out to either work or class for the day.

“Depending on the day, I’ll either have my math classes or work at the [ITS HelpDesk],” he said. Puckett uses what he learns in his computer science classes to help him at work on campus. “I’ve definitely learned a lot since I’ve been here, and it’s good to be able to use some of it before I’ve even graduated,” Puckett said. Bailey helps both students and faculty with issues they may encounter when dealing with computers or the software therein. He has been working at the ITS HelpDesk for several months and counts it as the most interesting job he’s held thus far.

Puckett’s classes range from calculus and discrete mathematics to computer science, meaning he has no shortage of homework at the end of the day. After work and class, he spends a large part of his afternoons and early mornings practicing and studying. “Pretty much from the time I walk out the door until I get back in the afternoon, I don’t have any dull moments.” Puckett gets to occasionally take a break from math classes. This break comes in the form of his anthropology class. This class stands in stark contrast compared to the rest of his courses and offers a break from the norm, which he greatly appreciates near the end of every week.

Puckett enjoys spending his free time with his friends. In the evenings, he can be found playing flag football, basketball, or video games. “I don’t really see the point in sitting around when there’s so many things you can do to keep yourself entertained,” said Puckett. At the end of every day, he returns home to relax, talk to his roommates and make sure he has everything he needs to start again the next day.

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