Motivational Speaker Inspires Students

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Eastern New Mexico University hosted motivational speaker Lamarr Womble in the Campus Union Building ballroom on Oct. 1. The presentation was held by LEAD ENMU.

Tuesday night marked LEAD ENMU’s first event of the year with guest and motivational speaker Lamarr Womble. Womble ignited a fire for leadership in the CUB ballroom with his “Passion for Leadership” presentation which focused on redefining student leadership.

“My focus is in beliefs, taking students’ mindsets and turning them into positive, empowering ones. I help them discover what it is they are most passionate about including their purpose and then we talk about leadership, how to self-lead but then turn around and impact others,” Womble said. Womble created Passion for Leadership to give youth the power to make a choice in work, school and in life.

Womble supports the ideology to empower the next generations to embrace their abilities to create world changing businesses, school events, campaigns, non-profits and other projects. “When students are in action around their passions, they truly believe their dreams can become their reality,” Womble stated. Womble found his path and passion to inspire others by attending an event with a motivational speaker much like students were doing Tuesday night. “One of the things he said in his talk was, ‘What would you do for free for the rest of your life?’ I don’t remember much else from that conference, but I remember that question being asked, and it was what really set the foundation for me wanting to be a motivational speaker,” Womble said.

Womble kicked off his presentation with an interactive ice breaker, inviting everyone in attendance to stand up and high-five as many people as possible in one minute. All the students ran about the room with determination to collect the most high-fives, meeting and greeting everyone in sight. After everyone found their seats, the presentation continued with Womble asking three main questions that set the theme for the rest of the night: Why are you here in college? Why is that important to you? …[W]hat motivates you? Throughout the presentation, Womble consistently interacted with the students in the audience, asking for personal thoughts and encouraging students to think deeper and answer these questions from their own experience.

The students were then asked to think more on understanding their “why,” and to leave their mark and a legacy. Womble encouraged the students in the audience to not just think about those things that night, but to continue asking themselves these questions and to take something from the presentation. “You have a choice in life,” Womble said. “It doesn’t matter where you came from, all that matters is that you’re focused on where you’re going and that you have the opportunity to make a choice every step of the way. You are always empowered until you give the power away, so don’t give it away.”

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