Day in the Life: Jessica Barron

The Chase photo: Marilyn Upchurch

Jessica Barron, a sophomore seeking a bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts with a minor in Fine Arts, has a busy schedule between classes, work, and making sure to have time for herself and friends. “Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have work in the morning, and a drawing class midday, said Barron. “Then I have a break where I do homework, go to the gym, or do house chores.”

After this, Barron has an evening Spanish class she attends. “Then I come home after my class to do more homework, watch movies, hangout, and maybe go to soccer games.” She stated that on Mondays she has a design class early in the morning, and then later she has a psychology class.

“Wednesday is the same schedule, except I have my French cooking class in the evening.” She works all day at her job on Fridays, and then spends the rest of her weekend doing homework, laundry, hanging out with friends, and then attending football games.

On Wednesday Oct. 9, she had her late-night cooking class where she cooked Vol au Vent filled with Brussels sprouts and onions topped with chicken. On Thursday Oct. 10, Barron worked in the morning and had various tasks at work and then headed to class. Barron is excited about her major and all the opportunities to come. “I am considering taking some teaching classes so I can perhaps teach cooking classes.” Barron added that her goal is to learn new cooking and life skills that will better her as a person and make her more employable. “I am planning on graduating from Eastern New Mexico University and then traveling around a little until I find my little happy place to be.”

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