ENMU Hosts Family Weekend

Nadine (left) and Sean (right) Torres visit their son Alex (middle) during ENMU's Family Weekend.

The Chase photo: Jonathan Elkins

The weekend of Oct. 11, Eastern New Mexico University hosted its annual Family Weekend. Students were able to invite their families for several events over the weekend, which included a family movie night, brunch, Art Walk, and more. These events all lead to both the Family Tailgate and ENMU vs. Tarleton State football game. Students and families alike set up at the ENMU stadium in order to get ready for the evening’s game. The air around the stadium was filled with the smell of grilled food and the sound of music as several families spoke about their experiences at the Parent’s Day events.

Sean and Nadine Torres came to Portales to visit their son Alex and continue their new tradition of attending Family Weekend. “Our favorite part is being able to see what he’s done over the past year and being able to feel like we’re a part of a community when we come to visit,” said Nadine Torres. “I like the fact that my brother in-law is nearby when Alex first started, and that was really a comforting in my mind,” Sean Torres said. Both Sean and Nadine Torres were amazed to see just how much their son has changed during his time at ENMU. “The small setting within the classroom really did a lot. Back home there are a ton of kids in each class and they all become a number rather than a person,” said Nadine Torres. Alex Torres has gotten to show his parents around Portales several times before, and notes that each time brings new discoveries and stories. “We live 300 miles away from each other, and it’s great to be able to show them what I do on the daily basis and for them to be so supportive of everything that I do here,” said Alex Torres.

Patricia Bevins was glad to have an opportunity to see her son Zach, and to catch a glimpse into the life he has made for himself in Portales. “This is a very welcoming town, a very welcoming school, and its been nice to see how Zach has been living since he’s left home,” said Patricia Bevins. She noted that she has seen her son change drastically since enrolling at ENMU. “He’s grown exponentially, as a student, as person. It’s made him responsible and far more mature,” she said. Zach Bevins was excited to show his family everything that he has been involved with and done since moving to Portales. “It’s been nice to have my two worlds connect like this. Having my family come here and seeing the difference in who I am and how much I’ve changed has been great,” he said.

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