Portales and Clovis Offer Volunteer Opportunities

Portales' Consigning Women & Men is one of several volunteer opportunities in the area.

The Chase photo: Marilyn Upchurch

There are many volunteer opportunities in the Clovis and Portales area. Casey Peacock, Volunteer Action Center coordinator, said that the organization is a great resource that connects the community to over 60 local agencies and countless volunteer opportunities. “Through www.volunteerenm.org, you are able to see the multiple needs and events that are happening within Curry and Roosevelt counties,” she said.

Peacock also said that you have the ability to build your profile, respond to volunteer needs, keep track of your hours and connect to the agencies. “On the flip side, agencies are able to register their organization on the site, post needs and events, connect with volunteers, track and report volunteer hours, …[and] track the amount of time your board or committees contribute to respective agencies,” she explained.

According to Peacock, there is no cost for agencies or volunteers to utilize the VAC, which makes it a great tool to build community connections. “By providing a central location to connect agencies and volunteers, the VAC is an important and vital piece in connecting volunteers to needs, and agencies to volunteers," Peacock said. “We love sharing what the Volunteer Action Center is all about.” She said the organization would be “more than happy” to present information regarding VAC to other organizations. Peacock added that the community can contact them by phone by dialing 211 to learn more about the Volunteer Action Center.

Karl Terry, executive director for the Roosevelt County Chamber of Commerce, said that a great way to get involved is by contacting United Way because they have an online volunteer network. “As far as the Chamber [goes], representatives of our members can get involved as Chamber Ambassadors."

Joan Martinez-Terry, Portales City Clerk, said that there are other opportunities during events that happen in Portales, such as the Roosevelt County Fair. “I know that there were volunteers who helped this past fair season,” she said. “Volunteers are always needed during the Annual Thanksgiving Dinner that happens on Thanksgiving Day every year through an all-volunteer group made up of local people.”

Martinez-Terry also gave information on some other volunteer opportunities within the community. “The City’s Clean & Beautiful program holds 2 campaigns annually—the Great American Cleanup in the Spring and the Toss no Mas Cleanup in the fall.” She stated that these campaigns always need volunteers. “The City’s Police Department has a Santa Cop program for kids in the community that will kick off around the middle to end of November.” She said in order to get involved with the Santa Cop program, contact the police station and ask for the Police Chief’s Executive Assistant.

Debbie Martinez, manager of Consigning Women and Men Angel Ministries in Portales, said that there are many volunteer opportunities with which they are involved. She said that they work with organizations like the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and they take volunteers from Teen Court. “We also take volunteers from Career Links which is an organization that helps people train for the workforce.” She stated that they welcome all volunteers that would like to help. The store has a food bank and welcomes donated clothes, food, etc. She also reminded college students that they can come and get quality clothes at a good price. She added that the food pantry is free to the community.

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