Students Give Advice Following Midterms

For most college students the halfway point of each semester means a great deal. This is usually the time when seasons begin to change, holiday plans start to form, and midterm exams begin to take hold over most of the student body. While some students are lucky enough to avoid these exams altogether, they are a fixture for everyone else at Eastern New Mexico University.

With exams just behind us, we have an opportunity to reflect on how we did, and to really see if there is anything we should be doing differently in time for final exams. Mike Gardner, a senior filmmaking major, said that while midterms were very stressful, they weren’t anything he couldn’t handle. Gardner attributed his success not so much to the exams themselves, but rather to his mindset going into the semester as a whole. “I know a lot of people believe in cram-studying, but I don’t think it’s as useful as studying constantly every week,” said Gardner. “Having a planner and making sure you keep up with the little assignments will help you later on keep up with the material on the midterm,” Gardner said.

Gardner believes wholeheartedly in not waiting for due dates, instead choosing to both study for and complete work ahead of time to make sure he doesn’t fall behind in class. “Being one step ahead and making an effort to turn things in a day before they are actually due is a big thing for me,” said Gardner.

Sean Mclaughlin is a Junior Anthropology major, who credits his success to planning ahead and utilizing the resources available at the university. “I would recommend using everything the school offers you. The writing center, tutors, everything. There’s a lot out there to use; all you need to do is go,” said Mclaughlin. “It’s easy to say, and harder to do, but being consistent and staying on the grind goes a long way to making sure you’re prepared,” he said.

“Midterm exams are a very important part of the semester, and the best way to avoid stress at finals is to make sure you have good habits now,” advised Mclaughlin. Mclaughlin believes that midterms are as good a time as any to judge our own approaches, and to find the areas that we can improve on.

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