State Police Hosts Fall Family Event

Fall’s crispness was certainly in the air at the Clovis State Police Office during their Paint a Pumpkin and bicycle raffle Saturday.

The State Police Office supplied over 200 pumpkins that children around six to ten years of age were invited to come paint and take home free of charge. Children who came to the event also had the opportunity to enter their name into a drawing to win a new bicycle. The event started Saturday morning at 10 a.m. and ran past 3 p.m. That morning the officers in attendance set out tables and began putting out copious amounts of pumpkins on each table in preparation for the hoards of excited children to come. Mix 107.5 radio station also came out and promoted the event as well as setting up music for the community to listen to in hopes to add some artistic inspiration. As parents began showing up with their families, officers handed out paints and brushes to Clovis’ young pumpkin Picassos.

The young artists painted their pumpkins with their favorite sports team logos, cartoon characters and their own renditions of scary jack-o-lantern faces. A few kids even brought a few extra supplies to spice up their creations. One boy took it upon his own creativity to make a pumpkin popcorn bucket by gluing popcorn on top and painting the body to look like a movie theatre bucket. “My son just watched Lilo and Stitch for the first time and has become obsessed with it, so on the drive over here all he could talk about was painting a Stitch pumpkin,” said Denise Rodriguez. Rodriguez said that her son and daughter had been invited by their teacher at school to the event. “It’s a great opportunity to get out on a Saturday morning with the family and pick up and decorate our own decorations for our house,” Rodriguez said. “It also gets our kids out and about rather than having their eyes glued to a screen.”

The event ran at a steady pace throughout the day and had officers and other volunteers’ hands full down to the last pumpkin walking off the parking lot. The State Police went as far as to run an hour over the time that had schedule to accommodate all the families that showed up to participate.

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