Librarians Comment on Courteous ENMU Students

Librarians at the Golden Student Success Center have been noticing students exhibiting courteous acts lately. The Chase photo: Marilyn Upchurch

Gene Bundy, the Special Collections Librarian at Eastern New Mexico Universities Golden Student Success Center, and Melveta Walker, the Director at GSSC, both stated that students at ENMU are courteous to faculty members, guests and other students alike.

Bundy said that recently a man came to pick up duplicate books from the library and they had to carry out many books on carts. When doing so, Bundy said that students were very helpful with the task. “We hauled eight or nine of those carts out and we filled a U-Haul plus a Jeep with books, and every time we would come down and get to the door if there was a student coming, they held the doors open for us.” He added that at about the third time the man looked at Bundy and said, “do all the students here do this? Is this common?” Bundy said that his response was, “yeah, they just do that.” The man told Bundy that where he is from, no one holds doors open for others. “I told him we have farm and ranch kids and we have a lot of first-generation kids whose parents brought them up to be courteous.”

Melveta Walker said that she has the opportunity to see students doing kind things for others from her office window. Her office is located near the computer area at the GSSC and she said when students print things off, other students are kind enough to hand each other their work.

“When there are things on the printer, if there is someone sitting over here and two or three people are printing something off, they’ll pick them up and take them to each other even if they don’t know them.”

Walker said that if someone is having difficulty printing something or using the computer and walks up to get help from media services, about half the time another student at the computers will offer to help them. “I’ve just noticed that our students are very courteous to each other, and to us.”

She commented on how an international student who used to work at the library told her that they didn’t want to leave ENMU because “people are nice here.” The student told Walker that people aren’t nice where they’re from. “She said ‘everyone here wants to help you and they invite you to things, that doesn’t happen where I live.’”

Walker added that perhaps the reason is that it just rubs off on people. “That’s a typical thing in a rural community because parents in rural areas have more time to spend with their kids. They spend time doing chores and kids learn from their parents.”

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