What ENMU Students Do For Fun

Just because Eastern New Mexico University is located in the small town of Portales doesn’t mean its students are hard-pressed to find something to do. In fact, living in a smaller town can mean spending more time with friends or honing new skills.

Aside from working and doing homework, Gabrielle Smith, a junior at ENMU who is majoring in communication with an emphasis in public relations and a minor in business, said that she likes to hang out with friends. Smith added that she and her friends like to enable their coffee addictions by going to Sweetwaters at Landall’s to hang out. “Typically, when my friends and I get together, we go to events held on campus,” she said. She said that another recent hobby she has taken up is cooking. Although she is not involved in any clubs on campus, Smith added that she is a peer mentor.

Clarissa Hewett, a junior majoring in communication disorders, said that in her free time she likes to watch movies, Netflix, and hang out with friends. “I like to go to Clovis with my friends and we usually go to Walmart or the mall … pretty much whenever.” Hewett said that when she hangs out with friends, they normally make dinner together and have a game night. Clarissa added she likes that ENMU is in a small town, since she grew up in a small town.

Michael Gregory, a senior majoring in Wildlife and Fisheries, said he plays video games, hangs out with friends, and drives around town listening to music with his free time. He is also involved with two clubs on campus. “I am the Vice President of the Fish and Wildlife club, and I am a part of the ENMU eSports team,” he said. Gregory said that his favorite hangouts are the movie theater and local parks. “When my friends and I get together we usually go out and play disc golf, or we stay in and watch movies or play card games.”

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