Day in the Life: Michael Gardner

Michael Gardner, a digital filmmaking major at ENMU, stays busy during the week with his schoolwork and social obligations, but he fully intends to graduate on or ahead of his degree plan. The Chase photo: Jonathan Elkins

Michael Gardner is a junior majoring in digital filmmaking at Eastern New Mexico University. Gardner starts Mondays with class at 9:30 a.m. “I usually try to leave myself enough time to make breakfast before class, but that usually doesn’t end up being how things go,” said Michael. “With how busy my Mondays are, I usually end up having to wait until after my first class to either make food or grab something to eat with my roommates.”

During most of the day Gardner finds himself occupied with school, studying, and work. “When I have time in between classes, I usually go to the [Golden Student Success Center] to get ahead on classwork and go over everything I need to do for the week,” he said. Gardner has been on the Dean’s list since his first semester at ENMU. “My grades are very important to me. I fully intend on getting my work done, and graduating on time, if not before.”

Gardner is currently enrolled in several upper-division classes which he finds to be very interesting. “My Monday classes are very technical in nature. My first class has to do with shot composition, so we learn a lot about the focal length of cameras and different lighting techniques. It can seem a bit complicated until you get a camera in your hand and actually get into it. My other class teaches us about sound and music technology, which I still find fresh and challenging each week,” Gardner described.

The rest of Gardner’s Monday is set aside for work and social obligations. “After class, I go to work at KENW where I work as the Master Control Operator. That usually takes up the rest of my Monday afternoon,” he said.

After work and class, Gardner spends the rest of his Monday evening with his fraternity brothers. “We have our weekly meeting where we go over our agenda for the week, then we make sure the house is cleaned and looking good. After the meeting I spend the rest of my Monday helping my brothers with homework, watching television, and generally hanging out. Once everything is said and done, I probably end up going to bed a bit later than I should, but what can you do?”

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