How to Study Abroad at ENMU

Eastern New Mexico University has opportunities for students ranging anywhere from tutoring, career services, counseling, and more. One of the programs offered by ENMU allows students to travel to foreign countries while working towards their degree. All of this is done with the student only needing to continue to pay tuition to ENMU.

Mei Reeder is the International Advisor and Recruiter for Eastern. She also is a main point of contact for students hoping to learn more about studying abroad. “You would come to me to begin the application process. It’s also important that any student meets with their academic advisor to see what classes they need, and what is offered by potential host universities,” said Reeder.

Having a basic understanding of the culture and language of potential host countries is very important for applicants. “If a student was wanting to study in Germany, it is very important that the student can speak German, for example. This is vital for host universities that don’t specialize in language courses for exchange students,” said Reeder.

Students wishing to study abroad would need to start the application process and think about which host university would be right for them. “All applications for this program are centralized, so we out our applications to be processed and overviewed before they are sent to any host countries,” she said.

“Host universities take a look at the processed applications and make their final decisions as to who to take form there,” Reeder said. Depending on the country, students may need to apply for a visa. In most cases, a passport will be sufficient for students. In any case, students ought to have all of their documents ready and information up to date If they are selected to study abroad.

There are many benefits for students wishing to study abroad. Other than the cultural richness and academic programs of host countries, there are other benefits that might not be immediately apparent. “Students only need to pay tuition to ENMU. This means a lot, especially with how expensive some of these universities can be,” said Reeder.

“All of your credits you earn during your time away transfer back to ENMU. This means you don’t slow down or stop getting your degree during your time there,” she said. With the large selection of host universities from around the world, there are opportunities for study and learning that might not be as available in New Mexico.

Every opportunity comes with its own list of challenges, studying abroad Is no different. “I think that biggest challenge for students studying abroad would be the culture shock. Countries like England and Canada would probably be easy to adjust to simply because of the lack of a language barrier. Counties in South America and Asia might be a bit harder to get used to because of the culture and customs being so different,” said Reeder.

“Food is another issue faced by some students. If the student is not familiar with the foods of their host country, it can be a problem faced very often. But those with open minds tend to experience a bit less culture shock. The important thing is to enjoy your time and attempt to embrace new ideas and customs,” Reeder said.

There are so many options to study abroad for students at ENMU, most of which are at relatively little cost to those traveling. Studying abroad is a fantastic option to broaden your horizons, learn about varied cultures, and enjoy rare educational opportunities. Those wishing to learn more about studying abroad should speak to Mei Reeder in Administration (AD) room 216 for more information.

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