Kenleidoscope: Lessons on Perspective

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Kennedy Jones. The Chase Photo: Amanda Brown

I’ve introduced myself a million times to complete strangers in fairly chaotic environments like airports, track meets or even on the train. I truly don’t consider myself a nervous person; however, attempting to write a decent introduction to this article has brought me the closest to shyness I’ve felt in almost four years. Instead of typing, deleting, and typing again, I’m just going to go for it. Hi. My name is Kennedy Mae Jones and if you’re reading this you’ve decided to take a look at the world through my “Kenleidoscope.”

Why am I so nervous? Maybe it’s because having a weekly column has been a dream of mine for so long. Each word I type is a dream come true. Each week I will be sharing with my readers a moral, a theme, or a lesson on perspective. Some weeks the lesson will be taught solely by me. However, more often than not, the message will be brought to you with the help of a lucky stranger’s story. 

I have high hopes for this column and a multitude of goals for it. Allow me to list a few. I want to officially document some of the lessons I’ve learned so far in life. By “officially” I mean in an organized fashion, not just in my angsty subtweets. Alongside recording these lessons, I hope to grow as a person and open my eyes to the countless perspectives I’ve previously passed by on campus without a second thought. 

Those goals are pretty nice and all but the biggest goal I have for this column is to hopefully touch the hearts, minds and souls of some of my readers. Heck, having a positive influence on even a single member of my audience is more than enough for me. If you find yourself in possession of a lesson or even a question that you, for some reason, want me to write on, just know I am eager and willing to help. Upon request, you can assist in the writing process of that particular article, have your name/quotes included, or you can simply ask the question/submit your lesson with total anonymity. 

Now that I’ve covered all my introductory bases, I’ve got roughly one hundred words to introduce and elaborate on my debut topic: Embracing Risk. My “word limit” actually works surprisingly well with this particular subject. Good job, Kennedy. 

Risk. Synonyms for this four-letter word include but aren’t limited to “danger,” “hazard,” “liability,” and “peril.” They all seem so negative, don’t they? If you were to ask a version of me from even just a year ago if I agreed that taking risks was, well, risky, I would’ve wholeheartedly concurred. That’s just an example of the power of a perspective change. 

Current-day Kennedy actively seeks the unknown. She even does crazy things like think she can write a weekly column. So, if you’re going to benefit from this project of mine, I ask you to give me (AND YOURSELF) one of the most valuable currencies: trust. 

Get the haircut. Shoot the shot. Whatever you’ve been sitting on, run at it full force, or as the kids say, full send. Embrace the risk.

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