Students Reflect on New Year’s Resolutions

Creating a New Year’s resolution can set the tone for the rest of the year.

A New Year's resolution is a common goal many people set out to achieve by Dec. 31.

While studies have shown that more than half of people quit their New Year’s resolutions halfway through the year, Eastern New Mexico University’s students are keeping an optimist mind set in hopes of fulfilling their resolutions.

Some students are setting out to reach not one, but three goals. Mia-Amadea Maestas is one of those students. “Having more than one goal won’t affect achieving any of them, because at the end of the day any goal is a mindset, so if I put myself in the correct mindset, I’m going to be able to achieve anything I put forth,” Maestas said. When cultivating her goals for the new year, she intended to improve herself from within. Not only did she want to better herself, but she wanted to have a better understanding of others and their perspectives.

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Almost a month into the year, Maestas explained that her resolutions are going better than compared to last year. “Last year I didn’t even set anything…and now I have three, which is to be more organized…to be more patient with people I don’t know, and to be more loving towards myself and others.” She also mentioned that regardless if she achieves her goals by the end of the year, she believes that she has still bettered herself and the people around her. She mentioned there have been some roadblocks but knows if people have a desire of wanting to progress, then they will. “People say, ‘new year, new me,’ but you’re still going to be the same person if you’re not ready for new change.” She said that she is excited for what this year will bring.

New Year’s resolutions can help a person improve areas in their life, but resolutions can be silly and fun. Another ENMU student has also started the new year with three new goals. Vee Morgan, a junior, said she “made them just as jokes.” Taking a lighthearted approach to her goals has helped in maintaining them. She said, “Usually when I make resolutions, I don’t end up doing them, so I don’t make them.” She said goals that are effortless and less time-consuming are easier to uphold throughout the year. “If it takes too much time and effort, I won’t continue to do them.”

One of her goals is to wear more of her clothes but do it effortlessly. She does this by randomly choosing a hair scrunchie as a starting point each morning. “With what seems to be endless colors each morning, it’s a surprise since I match my outfit to my hair tie.” Her second goal is to wear more jeans and she mentioned that this goal counteracts with her first one, so it “works out.” She prefers when goals are simple like this because it can make other areas in life easier too. Her third goal, however, has caused obstacles. “I made a goal to do a dare whenever I was dared, which is good because then it takes me out of my comfort zone.” She mentioned that although she doesn’t make serious resolutions, people who take the time to maintain them throughout the year benefit themselves.

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